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PRELUDE is an IST accompanying measure funded by the European Commission to boost regional and local innovation supported by information and communication technologies. PRELUDE is particularly concerned with the building of ERA (European Research Area) with a large participation of researchers, high-tech SMEs and public administrations, as enablers and users of ICT applications, addressing needs of citizens and local economies. PRELUDE is engaged in the following activities:

Dissemination of EU programmes that are part of the eEurope 2005 Action Plan and the new instruments of 6th Framework Programme of RTD with special regard to the Information Society Technologies (IST) thematic priority. For additional info visit the events calendar on this web site.

Creation of a large European web community through the web portal and services in order to put forth the local and regional dimension of research, technology and innovation in the European scenario.

Creation of European Clusters for Innovation, which are designed to be public-private partnerships built through a constituency process aiming at mainstream initiatives. The use of EU funding schemes to support research, technology and innovation is instrumental.

Preparation of a Societal Learning Model for cluster-based approach to regional RTD and innovation and drafting of Policy Guidelines. With regard to the model the points of departure are the Digital Business EcoSystems and Regional Innovation Systems. The former refers to a business concept of an organisation as a living organism within a larger system of business ecology. The latter refers to systems that combine learning with upstream and downstream innovation capability and thereby warrant the designation of a Regional System for Innovation.
The consolidated model along with the strategic guidelines have been released in June 2004.
An ad hoc web area is dedicated to the Policy inputs.

Preparation of a set of Thematic Guides in the key application areas of European Clusters of innovation (eGovernment, Open Source in Public Administration, eCommunities/eInclusion, eTransport and eLearning). In this regard, a series of workshops and other events (policy forum meetings) has been organised to bring together regional experts in the field (programme managers, IT industry and researchers) in order to define the state of the art of the subject (dos and don’ts, broad goals and policy issues, possible solutions etc).
The thematic guides have been published in June 2004. Registration (free of charge) is necessary for downloading the guides (after registration the PRELUDE Guides module will appear on the right side of the home-page).

Definition of a roadmap proposal for future interregional cooperation among PRELUDE Regions and partners supported by the three European networks.