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ALliance for the Information Society (@LIS)

@LIS is a programme that wants to stimulate the co-operation between European and Latin-American partners and facilitate the integration of the Latin-American Countries in a global information society. It aims to the extension of the benefits of the information society to all citizens in Latin America and reduce the digital divide.

What instruments are available?
The activities of the programme fall within the scope of three intervention fields:

· Dialogues
– Political and regulatory dialogue between the two geographic regions and favour the definition of regional e-strategies inspired by the eEurope initiative
– Dialogue on the standards to promote a European system of standardisation.
· Networks
– Network of regulators
– Network of researchers
– Network of stakeholders.
· Demonstration projects

Which countries are involved?
Proposals must be presented by a Euro-Latin American consortium composed by at least 8 partners coming from a minimum of 3 European Union countries and 1 Latin American. Partners may be any private or public legal entities.

Who may apply?
All national, regional and local governments can participate. Moreover their participation is encouraged since it will reinforce the feasibility of a project.

How to apply?
Projects are selected for grants on the basis of calls for proposals.

What is the budget and planning for the future years?
The programme has a budget of 85 million euro of which 63.5 million will be financed by the European Commission, the rest coming from the contributions made by the partners of the programme. Of this budget 40 million euro will be devoted to 20 demonstration projects, which have been already chosen.
The next call for tender addressing the political dialogue and the regional and sub-regional integration is scheduled for the second semester 2003.

How long will the programme run?
@LIS is a four-year programme, which covers the period 2002-2005.