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Culture 2000

Culture 2000 is a programme with the aim of helping building up a common cultural area for the people of Europe, characterised both by a common heritage and by cultural and artistic diversity.
The programme fosters trans-national cooperation between creative artists, cultural players and cultural institutions in the Member States.

What instruments are available?
All future projects approved under the ‘Culture 2000’ programme must seek to address at least one of the following three themes:

  • Addressing the Citizen
  • New technology/media addressing creativity (the applied and creative use of new technology)
  • Tradition and innovation; linking the past and the future

Which countries are involved?
Culture 2000 is open to the EU Member States, EFTA/EEA countries and to the countries, which have applied to join the EU (for Turkey, following the signature of specific agreements and subject to their financial contribution). For 2004 funding will be given to up to ten projects which take place in a third country.

Who may apply?
In a broad sense any cultural operator established in an eligible country, with the exception of individuals acting on their own account, may submit a cultural project under Culture 2000.

How to apply?
The programme is implemented by the European Commission (Directorate-General for Education and Culture), assisted by a committee made up of representatives of the Member States and chaired by the Commission. The guide for applicants is available on the web site.

What is the budget and planning for the future years?
The total budget is of 167 million euro over a five-year period (2000-2004). The call for proposals for 2004 (OJ C 195 on 19.08.2003), states that the main sector that will be addressed in 2004 will be Cultural Heritage. Particular attention will be given to projects bringing together cultural operators from the EU/EEA and candidate countries.

How long will the programme run?
Culture 2000 is a five-year programme, which covers the period 2000-2004.

What is the legal basis?
Article 151 of the EC Treaty. Decision 508/2000 of 14 February 2000, of the European Parliament and the Council, establishing the Culture 2000 programme (OJ L 63 of 10/3/2000).