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The first General Assembly was followed by the ‘Practitioners in Partnership 2000’ Conference which provided delegates with the opportunity to discuss project themes for the 2001-2002 European Exchange Programme (EEP), to hear about EU funding programmes, to co-operate on issues of mutual interest and to consider strategies for taking the Network forward.

Parallel Workshops
The two sets of parallel Workshops covered themes such as cultural co-operation, landscape policies and conservation and sustainable principles. Each Session began with a short introduction by a expert from the European Commission on the appropriate EU funding programme (Culture 2000, Life and the Fifth Framework Programme in the above cases). These presentations were followed by general discussions and practical suggestions for joint projects. For example, as a result of the cultural co-operation/Culture 2000 Workshop, the following project ideas for partnership activities were put forward: wooden ceilings; coastline protection and the effects of earthquakes and earth movements on buildings.
This section of the ‘Practitioners in Partnership 2000’ Conference clearly illustrated how ENNHO can act as a forum and facilitator for its members, enabling them to learn from each other and inform each other about projects where member organisations could participate jointly.

Syndicate Groups
Delegates came together again in Syndicate Groups to discuss strategies for the development of the Network. There were a number of common denominators in the three syndicate groups including: the need to use the ENNHO Website; the importance of practical outputs (action not words!); the role of the European Exchange Programme in elaborating ideas for future projects and establishing partnerships; the function of the Secretariat in projects (helping to find partners, advising on funding opportunities and assisting with application forms); the inclusiveness of ENNHO (with the caveat that the membership criteria be more clearly defined) and the possibility of ENNHO helping its members make contacts at the European Institutions.