European Portal of National Heritage Organisations



With the opening up of Europe, working together across borders is becoming ever more important. Partnerships can be valuable in many ways: sharing experience and good practice with others; learning new techniques and practices; applying for funding. Formation of Prelude Portal over last years is tangible results of practitioners from all over the Europe effort to bring these ideas into action.


  • The European Portal of National Heritage Organisations evolved in 1996, following the “Heritage Priorities and Partnerships” Workshop, Brussels and the European Exchange Programme 1995-1996 (Phase I and II).


  • Portal ‘s first activity was to compile a Directory of Member Organisations, circulated among members to help them find partners for projects.


  • “Heritage Partnerships – Wider Perspectives” Conference, London, 11-12 May 1998
  • The European Exchange Programme 1998-1999 – Phase I, UK, 12 – 21 May 1998
  • European Heritage Partnerships Workshop, London, 21-22 May 1998


  • European Exchange Programme 1998-1999 – Phase II, continental Europe, spring and summer
  • The Exchange on the Exchange, Conference of NT Staff involved in the EEP, 23 September 1999


  • Executive Board meeting, Arnhem, The Netherlands, 8 December 2000,


  • Executive Board meeting, Bratislava, Slovakia, 16 June 2001
  • Executive Board meeting, Antwerp, Belgium, 6 December 2001
  • 2nd Portal General Assembly and “Heritage and Society” Conference, Antwerp, Belgium, 7 December 2001


  • Executive Board meeting, London, UK, 3-4 May 2002
  • e-Executive Board meeting, 20 and 25 September, 2002
  • 3nd Portal General Assembly and “Virtual” Conference, 14 to 22 October, 2002

We are now pleased to present this new Prelude Portal Website! The Prelude Portal Website is an exciting project which relies 100% on the active participation of its Member Organisations. All you need is a commitment to the concept of European partnerships and the enthusiasm to make the Website work for you! Prelude Portal has today 67 Member Organisations from 28 countries.