European Portal of National Heritage Organisations


On 24 and 25 November 1999 the 13 founding members (‘Core Group’) of the European Network of National Heritage Organisations (ENNHO) met in Brussels to formally constitute the Network and to examine the future of the network.
The Statutes of the network were signed and formally adopted and presentations were made by officials from the European Commission on environment issues and funding programmes (Culture 2000 and Access). Further topics discussed by the ‘Core Group’ included the benefits of ENNHO; networking practicalities; the ENNHO Website; the European Exchange Programme and the way forward. It was agreed that these themes would be taken forward to the ENNHO General Assembly in June 2000.
One of the outcomes of the meeting was a unanimous decision to continue with the European Exchange Programme and to consider how to make the programme more multilateral. The ENNHO Secretariat agreed to source funding from the European Commission for the next Exchange Programme and it was anticipated that this will take place in 2001-2002.