European Portal of National Heritage Organisations


The European Exchange Programme (EEP) aims to promote shared experience between heritage conservation organisations throughout Europe. It offers heritage practitioners the opportunity to bring their experience to projects both in their own countries and beyond, and to exchange knowledge, skills and experience. The EEP involved up to two weeks actual exchange in two phases, over two years.
In 1998-1999, close to one hundred heritage practitioners including architects, archaeologists, scientists, property managers, curators and countryside wardens worked together, first in the UK (Phase One), subsequently in participating countries (Phase Two). Colleagues from forty European conservation organisations worked alongside each other on task-based projects relating to their fields of expertise.
The two-phased Programme involved specialists in areas such as interpretation, training, coastal management, restoration and management of historic buildings, heritage retailing and commercial activities. Projects were multidisciplinary and multinational. Many took place across several countries and were planned jointly by a number of host organisations. All of the Phase One tasks, and some of those from Phase Two, were undertaken by experts from more than two European countries. The Exchange Programme has been substantially supported by the European Commission with contributions from the British Council, Icomos UK and the UK Department for Culture, Media and Sport.