European Portal of National Heritage Organisations


The full name of the organisation is “European Portal of National Heritage Organisations” with the acronym “PP“. PP is a network of Western, Central and Eastern European heritage conservation organisations. We are all practitioners, whether governmental or non-governmental, working at local, regional or national level. This website is one of the means by which PP members share information and support each other.

Mission statement

PP’s mission is to support permanent mutual exchange, learning and partnership building between heritage conservation organisations in European countries

Digest from PP Statutes

SECTION II – Aims and Activities
Article 2 – Aims
2.1. The aim of PP is to develop partnership between heritage conservation organisations across Europe, which will help to promote mutual contacts and assistance, to encourage access to built, cultural and natural heritage and to make the best use of the funding available, so that people of Europe can better protect, understand and appreciate their national heritage and that of other European countries.

Article 3 – Activities
3.1.In pursuit of these aims PP will:
3.1.1.pool shared expertise and experience and act as an extra research resource for heritage conservation organisations;
3.1.2.make joint funding applications where appropriate with partners to attract European and other funding;
3.1.3.make representation to the European Union Institutions and other international institutions on issues of common concern;
3.1.4.undertake other activities as appropriate.

SECTION III – Membership
Article 4 – Eligibility
4.1.ENNHO is open to those organisations which either manage built and/or natural properties for public enjoyment and benefit, or who contribute to those objectives and their related heritage conservation activities, such as education, access, enjoyment and recreation.
4.2.Member organisations can be governmental or non-governmental.
4.3.Member organisations can operate at national, regional or local level.
4.4.Member organisations must be from European countries.


  • General Assembly meets once a year and elects President, Vice-Presidents, Treasures and Executive Board who are elected for three years. Approves PP policies, strategies and programmes, budget and annual accounts including annual membership contribution.
  • Executive Board meets at least twice a year, appoints a Secretary General. Is responsible for day to day running of PP.
  • Secretariat co-ordinates and plans the execution of the decisions of the Executive Board. The Secretariat is headed by Secretary General. The Secretariat forms a reliable system of flow of the information.
  • Ad-hoc Groupings is based and available around shared interest of member organisations. Each grouping may nominate a member organisation to act as Secretariat to the grouping.