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Oceanic Research Foundation

The Oceanic Research Foundation is a Dutch non-profit charity organisation dedicated to protecting cetaceans through research, conservation and education.  Currently the organisation consists of both graduate and undergraduate students, volunteers and full time staff.

The Oceanic research Foundation conducts scientific research at the Outer Hebrides, Northwest Scotland. The Outer Hebrides is probably home to Europe’s most diverse cetacean population and at present 23 species of cetaceans have been recorded in the Hebridean waters. Research serves to increase our understanding in our marine environment, and the ways in which marine organisms interact with each other and their environment. More information on our research program can be read on our research page.

The world consists of 70% water, the habitat for cetaceans.  However, the cetaceans of the world are still encountering threats such as overfishing, military activities, whaling, seismic drilling, pollution and tourism. Little or no research has been conducted to look at the impact of these threats. We believe that successful marine conservation is based on science, obtaining accurate information and testing hypotheses, researching populations and understanding behaviours and the critical characteristics of habitat. Our research program should result in proper recommendations towards preservation of our marine environment.

We pleat for more ecological reserves throughout the world to give cetacean protection for human activities cetacean still faces many treats. from pollution to whaling. The European Community should copy the newly implemented Ligurian sanctuary agreement in the Mediterranean. Countries in Europe should work together to give cetacean better protection. We will pleat for a European natural reserve at the European Commission in 2000.

We are currently working on an education project for schools. This project will consist of an package that will be designed to aid students and teachers. For the production of the material we will glossily collaborate with the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. The material should serves as an information source for students and their project. The material may be presented at schools were after teachers could use the package for educational purpose.The material will be especially useful for sessions within biology glasses.