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What is eTEN?

The eTen programme, which was previously known as TEN-Telecom, is part of the trans-European networks policy of the EU. eTen is focused on services of public interest and supports the validation and successful roll out of the commercial or organisational structures needed to deploy information and communications applications and services across borders.

What instruments are available?
The action lines set out in the eTEN work programme 2003, take into account the priority areas of the eEurope Action Plan 2005. The primary focus is the development of services for citizens that are of common interest. The public sector should be preferably involved.

The eTEN work programme focus on six action lines:
-action line 1: e-Government
-action line 2: e-Health
-action line 3: e-Inclusion
-action line 4: e-Learning
-action line 5: Trust and security
-action line 6: Support and Coordination Actions

Interoperability, mobile and broadband and reference to SMEs are now not addressed any longer in separate action lines but they are part of the 6 action lines listed above.
In 2003 eTEN will support studies on technical and commercial feasibility (market validation projects); initial deployment projects; actions that stimulate trans-boundary initiatives and the identification and removal of the barriers to effective interconnection and interoperability.